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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Restoration Ecology group of the department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Sciences at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå. My current research is focused on the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems and biodiversity using modelling resilience approaches to provide decision management tools to mitigate their effects in boreal forests. However, I have a background in silviculture and forest management developing experimental treatments to reach the sustainable management in boreal forest studding the growth, mortality, regeneration and vegetation responses but also the economic implications. During the last years, I participated in different Forest Ecology and Restoration projects around boreal biome: Canada, Sweden and Finland. Before starting in the wonderful world of Research, I worked during 4 years in the Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia (Spain) in different fields: evaluating grant applications for the European Commission of Environment funds, engineer in the forest fire intervention and technician in spatial analysis.

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I am interested in Restoration Ecology, Forest Management and Natural Disturbances and have a special interest in Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Ecology and the Dendroecological or Paleoecological approaches to reconstruct the past of ecosystems. In my research, I like to study the forest ecosystems at multiples spatial and temporal scales considering the interaction between the ecological drivers. Thus, I combine innovator modelling techniques with fieldwork to get a better understanding of how species, stands and forest landscapes answer to the anthropic and natural disturbances using a complex adaptive system as the main framework.

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